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An intellectual Pursuit

Greetings, My selves Anish Goud Purushotham, S/O: P . Anjaiah. In order to explain about a rare opportunity I got and seek financial funding I write this .
                                             All my life , I am a parallel thinker and happen to have my own research pursuit of life , I always felt that world needs to be made better , better way of thinking, better way of living and I just felt like that saint who wants to fix the world just because of this feeling despite many socio economic constraints and out of extreme poverty and a wrecked family , I was just focusing on developing and nurturing intellectuality.The only cheap modes of resources that I had is books , they are entertainment and everything for me , they thought me purpose and passion for life . I used to read a very diverse content and keep on philosophizing .
                                              By the graduation time being In a government university I had absolute freedom to look whatever direction I want , so I took the opportunity with both my hands and developed my own perspective about mining industry, what exactly it needs and the best part is I had very good interest in reading international mining magazines. Thus I was having very broad view in all my research endeavors, by the end of fourth year I have done significant research , published in national and international symposiums for co-curricular and extra curricular activities. But to further continue my research I was not financial well equipped,research in Indian colleges is not up to the mark . I was feeling sad for quite good time .

                                                By and by time passed and I got an admission to a university in Germany, which has no tuition fee and which is the oldest mining university in world, thus I feel I hit bull's eye for my research acumen.only difficulty is I need to make my financial expenses.

“Advanced Mineral Resources Development” is an international master's degree program a coalition program between four country governments namely Austria, Ukraine, Germany,Iran and China to improve the Natural Resources Extraction Industry. The program happens in any three of the countries on a stretch of two years divided into four semesters.
                                                   Though its a rare feet for an average Indian student to get an admission into this kind of program , I believe its a product of extensive research oriented study I pursued in my graduation(Mining engineering) independently. I am eager to take an opportunity that for sure helps my mind with scholarly and philosophical bent, having nurtured at international platform is how I believe I can payback the world in a better way for giving this intellect. 
                                                           (see resume snap)

Look at my Statement of Purpose (SOP) for university which clearly explains my purpose and passion for research .

  As all seem good for the interest and the golden opportunity I have , the ground truth is we(family) are socio-economically not so good in stability,in fact very bad state . I can only take this opportunity unless you support me , so I can better serve my interest in making second biggest human activity (mining) sustainable .

 Your blessings is what utmost needed for the help of fellow brother-hood in form of creating economic opportunities and philanthropic activities .

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 Thanking you
 Anish Goud
 School : Don Bosco High School Karimnagar
Inter: Alphores junior college Karimnagar
 Graduation : JNTU Manthani.
mobile 9010654897;
father : P.Anjaiah ,agent in kapil chits ,court branch Karimnagar.(98666219802)

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